Flora Goods is inspired by the beauty and healing qualities of the natural world and plants in particular. Simple, beautiful, slow crafted, herbally formulated products are thoughtfully created to nurture and connect to yourself, those you love and this wild and wonderful place we live.
Many of the healing herbs used in our offerings are sustainably grown, harvested, processed and distilled right in our family's sunny, hillside garden. That translates to fresh and potent products for you. The plants growing in our garden are truly the heart of this work. In the garden, we get to know the plants deeply.  A connection, story of time and place, growth, understanding and reciprocity occurs. This is then woven into the intention of the products that we offer.
This is a journey in process. Flora Goods aims to source high quality, plant based ingredients as locally as possible, to utilize sustainable packaging solutions and operating procedures, and to offer herbal support to our community.  We work hard in our no-till, organic garden to build healthy soil and provide habitat for pollinators. You can often find us hanging out with the bees or taking friends and family on an aromatic adventure through the land we tend.
 Thank you for supporting a small and slow crafted business.

All products made on Bainbridge Island, Washington

with love,