Hydrosols, also known as aromatic waters or botanical mists can be used for skincare, aromatherapy + ritual.  They make great facial toners on their own, additions to skin masks or to full body, hand or foot baths.  Try storing in the refrigerator for an extra refreshing cool down. Use as a linen spray or spray on your pillow before bed. Mist yourself or a space as much as needed for aromatic boosts or energetic shifts.  The ritual itself can be calming or boosting dependent on your desire. 

Our hydrosols come from freshly, slow-distilled for many hours, plant material that we lovingly and sustainably grow right in our garden.  The result is a vibrant collection of the soul and spirit of the plant. Each drop of hydrosol contains the precious medicine and wisdom of that herb and includes trace amounts of essential oil. 

Spray a few mists on your face, above your head or around your body. Let the soul of the plant gently meet you.

breathe + connect